In SNTalent we want to award the efforts that you put into speeding up the process of personnel search and selection. So, if you refer a candidate for one of our specific job vacancies and this person is employed by our client through SNTalent, we will award you 300 € (taxes not included). (before tax, see conditions below).

Who can be a referrer?

Any person or business can refer a friend, family member, partner, etc…

How do I refer someone?

You have the possibility of referring a friend to our job vacancies. When you do this, your friend will receive an email from the SNTalent team with a description of that job listings. If your friend sends his/her application and he/she is finally employed, he/she will have a new job and you will have 300€ more.
We have put an identity code on the Control Panel for you so that you are able to “invite” your friends to register at in order to participate in our selection processes. From here, you will be able to track those friends who have registered and sent their CVs to our offers.
In the presentation you will find more details about these options.
In our job listing there is block with a Referral form.
When you submit it a description to the offer and a registration link will be sent.
If your friend registers at and sends his CV to the job listing, you will be notified as the official referral of that person. If he is hired through SNTalent you will be awarded you reward.
There are other automatic options that allow you to become a referral:

  • Your Blog or website
  • Your page, group or profile in Facebook
  • E-mail
  • Twitter

Post our offers in your Blog or Web

You can automatically get our job vacancies from SNTalent in your blog, web page, Facebook profile, Linkedin, Xing and others. To do this, look for the RSS Feeds that you are most interested in adding. You will find them at the bottom of the home page. Follow the instructions that you will find in Help to install them.

What happens if my referred is not hired?

If your referral is not hired for the offer you referred, your effort will still be taken into account. If he is ever hired for any other offer through SNTallent you will earn a 25 eur. reward.
You can follow your referrals’ statuses through your control panel.

When will I be paid my reward?

Your reward will be paid 30 days after your referral is hired by our customer.

How do you get the reward?

Your References must comply with the following requirements to be effective:

  • The recruitment company (that is, the company that employs the candidate) must:
    • Employ your candidate for the job posted through SNTalent.
    • Formalize the employment arrangement with the candidate.
    • Make the payment for our services.
  • Also, the Referral (that is, you) must fulfil the legal requirements in order to issue invoices.

If you are an individual:

  • You will send us a receipt which will have a 15% deduction for work performance. We will pay you the quantity of 300€ / 25€ with this 15% deducted.

If you are a legal entity:

  • You will be able to invoice us regularly.

For more information, contact us or register at

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