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Company Job Industry Discipline Publication date
Private Personal de Hostelería Hotel centro y norte de Tenerife - Santa Cruz de Tenerife Other Other 16/07/2019
Private JARDINERS/ES - Santpedor Other Other 16/07/2019
Private Peon/a con Carnet de Carretilla y Grúa Puente - Sondika Other Other 16/07/2019
Private Operario/a Sector Alimentario - Teruel Other Production 15/07/2019
Private MOZO/A ALMACÉN / CARRETILLERO FRONTAL Y RETRÁCTIL - Parets del Vallès Other Other 12/07/2019
Private Teleoperadores/as (H/M) discapacidad - Badalona Other Sales 12/07/2019
Private promotor/a ventas FRAPPE Orihuela Costa - Cocentaina Other Sales 11/07/2019
Private promotor/a ventas FRAPPE Cocentaina - Cocentaina Other Sales 11/07/2019
Private Tornero/a Convencional para Duranguesado - Durango Other Other 11/07/2019
Private CTIO (Chief Technology Information Officer) - Pesquera de Duero Other ICT 11/07/2019

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